Consulting & Services

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International Office and Business Support Service

– Officeservice and help for foreign Customers or Business Starters,
– Call Service, virtual Secretary, Tax,
– Trust management for foreign Export/Import Business

Industrial / Mechanical Services and Engineering

– Consulting and Inspectionservices for Machine- and Plant-Buyers/Builders
– Planning and Coordination Production Plants
– On Site Services and mechanical Services (Maintanance, Repair, Damagedocumantation)
– Recycling Technology Partner and Services
– Project Management, Factory Management, Shipment Inspections

IT Consulting and Services, Network Projects

– Consulting Services in high european Standards
– Heavy Industry IT Material

Shops & Tools

Professional Machines & Worktool Shop

– Professional Machines Solutions Development (Engineering)
– From Professional for Professionals the

       “MABOO Work-Tool-Online-Shop” Professional Machines, Handtools and Gardentools

– Brand Independent Machine-Consulting

Big Bikes and Spareparts Online Shop

– Trading motorcycles, engines, parts and other vehicles
– Market for exclusive used Motorcycles, Big Bikes and Cars
– more then 25000 Motorbikeparts and Tools in Our Database

Real Estates & Business Areas, Planning

– Offering planned or ready build Estates for private or business use
– Design and planning Factory Buildings or Business Areas
– Consulting Production Line Design