Occupation, education or private
We take care international ! 

Foreign health insurance with flexible coverage
– for longer stays abroad (5 years and more, emigrants)
– für ausländische Gäste in Deutschland (bis zu 5 Jahren)
– for foreign guests in Germany (up to 5 years)
– for retirees abroad (longer than 5 years)
– for students and apprentices
– for short stays, also for foreigners in Germany
– Travel health insurance for holidays and short breaks

Thailand Special
Health insurance from Thailand for foreigners in Thailand
– for almost every nationality
– Scope of services variable with different rates
– much cheaper than European insurers, as the scope of services is adapted to Thai beneficiaries

Visa information as well
Info and request form for Thailand (click here)

Overseas Health Insurance prospective entitlement
prospective entitlement is particularly suited for persons who take a permanent stay abroad into consideration but do not want to subscribe for a lifelong active insurance already from the very beginning