Welcome to the KONGIN GROUP

(formerly MABOO International Consult & Trading Co., Ltd.)

Let us introduce in some short Words and Pictures what we can do for you.

Department for IT Consulting and professional Services

– Development of the complete electrical and IT – Network Building Structure
– Optimizing IT Projects and Software Developments
– Projectmanagement for your IT Projects
– Development of modern and functional designed Business Software (Starts from small Inhouse Software Tools up to complex Online Shop Solutions)
– Hardware Service and professional IT-Installations


– ให้คำแนะนำเกี่ยวกับการพัฒนาเครือข่ายไอที และมาตรฐานการรักษาความ ปลอดภัยบนเครือข่าย   ตามมาตรฐานยุโรป
– รับประกันคุณภาพ 5 ปีี่


– Beratung und Unterstützung Aufbau von sicheren Netzwerken
– Vertrieb von Netzwerk- und IT-produkten nach europäischen Qualitätsstandard
– Beratung bei Software- und Web-Design
– Hardware Garantieleistungen bis zu 5 Jahren


– Conseils et soutien au développement de réseaux sécurisés
– Les ventes de réseau et les produits informatiques selon la norme européenne de qualité
– Garantie de 5 ans

Our Software developments:

Catalytic Recycling Management Software

Very useful small single place solution for mobile Catalytic collectors with professional equipments like XRF-Handanalzyers.
This Software expects only your notebook, the microsoft office package and a usable Analyzer with RS232 interface (Bluetooth or WiFi recommended).

In easy menustructure you are able to manage material delivery, weight calculation, sample calculation, value calculation for buy and sell situation, supplier management incl. accounting (like bankaccount with balance), buyer management incl. accounting, shipment documentations and all features which you combine with a mobile phone.

All data is directly managed in readable Microsoft Excel files which allows easy storage, backup and restore, perfect to any Office 365 environment.

This software is also the basement for an individual solution to connect and integrate this external data to your company network (Active Directory, Sharepoint, VPN, CSV Dataexchange etc.).

Ask for more features and possibilities (Power Apps, Power BI, …)!

Professional Online Warehouses or Representations

Our customers are

• Hotels, Resorts, Guesthouses
• Industrial Business
• Shops, Restaurants
• Bakery, Food Discounter
• Home Application Seller
• Small Companies