Welcome to MABOO International Consult &  Co., Ltd.

Individual Vehicle Technic

Espacially for the Thai and Asian Market we develop own Seller Carts or Food Carts as well as “Manually Push Carts”, “Side Carts for Motorcycles” or  “Food Cart Trailer”.

Side Cars / Food Carts


Motorbike Spare-Parts made in Europe

In our new Spare-Part-Shop you will find for nearly any brand and age Additions, Moddings and Spare-Parts !

! ! NEW in This Year 2018  !!      

Since January 2018, we have integrated the Order-on-Order-Online Shop desitec-moto.com. 
Originally based in germany and made for the european market, we decided to open it for the worldwide market and relocated the headquarter and Shop to MABOO International Nakhon Sawan.

desitec-moto.com Spare Parts Shop

The shop desitec-moto.com will serve also in the future the german and european market, only the owner changed, not our customers which are more and more coming up in the asian world. 

The mobile driving pleasure knows no bounds.

Consultant behind the Order-on-Order Online-Shop is still the retired founder Mr. Martin Loehr, who is available to advise and help you when there are questions about the individual parts, espacially from the european market. Owner is, with the 01.January 2018, the company MABOO International Consult & Trading Co., Ltd. in Nakhon Sawan Thailand.

Since the products mainly concern vehicles common to the European market such as BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Benelli, etc., we have retained the existing partners in Germany for the logistical handling. Which means for the european customers, the wellknown good service stays like it is.

Telephone inquiries from Germany are processed, as usual, under the call number 08375 / 79 29 666 and answered in German and English. Please note the known information on the Order-on-Order-Online-Shop page.

Inquiries from the international sector please only by e-mail under info@desitec-moto.com.

Big Bikes

Our personly passion, Big Bikes, here you can not only find Big Bikes.

Call us and let us make you an offer … and you get your Dream Big Bike include special modifications and accessories !

Contact us by mail  info@desitec-moto.com, subject Big Bike and tell us all details of your dream on two wheels.